Mega Man Revolution


A new adventure with the mythical Mega Man



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Mega Man Revolution is a platform game based on the adventures of the classic Capcom character, who you can control once more in this new adventure created by a group of fans.

In this adventure, and how could it be any different, you control Mega Man with all his usual powers. You can jump, shoot, slide, shoot super-charged shots, and so on. The goal is to complete all the levels in turn, which will then allow you to face the end of level bosses.

These bosses, as always happens in this series, are considerably more challenging than the rest of the level enemies. In any case, most levels are geared far more to platforms than to combat.

Mega Man Revolution is a fun platform game with a special appeal to fans of the legendary Capcom character, one of the world's most charismatic video game icons, who has unfortunately spent the last few years in the doldrums.
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